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Check out all the 1959 Buick owners that visited from all over the world!

 Stephen Kempf, Jr. from Toms River, New Jersey shows off his Electra B-59 convertible
He is an active member of Buick Club of America (BCA) and the Northeast Chapter of BCA.

Nobu Hiyoshi from Tokyo Japan shows us a really cool mild custom


Klas Ivarsson from Sweden 1959 beauties...


Gran Eriksson from Sweden stopped by our site to show off his station wagon. 

He writes:

I noticed that you didn't have any pictures of Buick 59 station wagons on your page, World of Buicks, so here are some pictures of my 59 Le Sabre Station Wagon. The car is now sitting in my garage for restoration.
It has lots of extra chrome, dual Nelmore spotlights, and has its original paint. I just ordered fender skirts from USA
that I will have chromed as well.

Cool car, Gran. We want to see more pictures when you are done with your restoration. Ed.


Well, Gran did get the job done. Detailed paint, new white walls, this car is looking very classy!

Thanks for keeping us in the loop !

David Kyrk from Stockholm Sweden shows us his Invicta Convertible.

It is powered by a 425 Nailhead with dual four barrels. David is only 18 years old. His dad bought it as a restoration object, now it has fresh motor, new paint and chrome and more...

Way to go, David !  Ed.

Martin Lackner stops by with his super low 59 Invicta.

Martin (Marty) from Portland, Oregon sez: She has full air suspension, miles of tuck and roll, pin-striping and chrome. She has all the attitude of her namesake and I will keep her forever.

The car's name is Christine. Marty sez it more evil than the original Christine! We are told it would not start with any of his previous girl friends. When he met his wife to be, it started right up. The got married in July 2003.


Another '59 Buick showed up in Martin's driveway:

Rolland Toenges from Edina, Minnesota shared some pictures of his Electra:

The 59 Electra is a fun car to drive and doing so brings back many memories.. It has enormous power with 445 pounds of torque. I have tuned the suspension to provide the best handling and riding quality possible. It certainly fulfills the objective of cars built in its era when the emphasis was on comfort, quietness and power. Although it is no match for the maneuverability of todays luxury sports sedans, it can easily hold its own in normal driving situations..

Our life took a dramatic turn this past year when my wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I had not thought of doing anything more on the restoration but one day she encouraged me to finish it in hope that we could ride in it together again. All that was left at that time was some reassembly. All the parts had been restored and were ready for installation. With the aid of a professional mechanic, the remaining reassembly was accomplished in fairly short order. It then went back to the body shop for final paint buffing, etc. This ended up taking several weeks and my wife passed away before the body shop had finished its work.

After my wifes death, I concentrated on completing the restoration. This has seemed to provide a therapeutic value in helping me deal with her loss. I am comforted in believing, if she were here today, she would be as pleased as I with the outcome.

Over the past ten to twelve years, the car has been completely redone down to the last bolt and screw. It is now a NEW car again and more perfect that it was when first new. I have gone to the greatest detail to make the car as perfect as possible. All of this of course has come at considerable cost, both in time and money. As anyone that has been into restoration knows, things come apart much faster than they go together and the cost of a total restoration is at least what a new luxury car costs today.

Thanks Rolland!! Ed.

I recently purchased a 1959 Buick Electra with 60,000 original miles. the car was all original (except tires) until one day last august when it was struck in the left rear quarter by an 85 year old woman, who saw the car and had a flashback of when she had one just like it. she must have went into some kind of daze and misjudged the length of the old girl and hit it. she was driving a 1998 Ford Taurus which was totaled during the collision. we are in the process of fixing the rear quarter and giving the old girl a new paint job.


Tony Rolfes
Brainerd, MN


Peter from Adelaide in Australia sends these pictures of his project.

2002 Holden disc brakes. This car will stop.



Richard helping out shining the stainless...



Peter got the car back from the paint shop: (We think it's Peter's assistant to the left...)

Peter tell us: It's been 2 years since I stripped this beast down....and being the 1st time I've ever done it, I can't say that I know where everything goes.....far from it actually, for the last 2 days all you can hear from the garage is the jiggling of all the nuts, bolts and clips as I'm trying to find the right bolt or clip for a chrome strip or whatever...........

Peter, we need to see this car finished! Stay in touch!


Well, Peter finished the car...Looks stunning!

On  the first show, GM Show & Shine, Peter took home 1st price !

Well done, Peter. Thanks for not giving up. PS. Peter just bought a '57 Ford retractable. Can't wait to see it too!

The "Lady's LeSabre" of Virgina

Robyn Carter from Fredericksburg, Virgina sent us the following picture and story:

Jerry Mullenix (car below, Editor note) told me of your wonderful site and I wanted to include my "little girl" in your photo gallery.  She is named Lana and is still in her original Wedgewood blue paint.  She has just under 60K miles on her and as soon as I can get a referral to a great paint and body shop I plan to have her redone in the same blue with an Artic White roof, trunk and fins.  Lana lives with me in Fredericksburg, VA.  She has an updated stereo cassette in her dash right now but I was lucky enough to get the original Sonomatic including the portable glove-box unit.  It was in a box in the trunk and I hope to someday change it back.  

Jerry and I both love our LeSabres and we talk about them all the time.  We have plans to show his red and white one along with my blue one in the future to really show the folks in the area how truly beautiful this design was.  Just love cruising up the old highways dressed out in my 50's dresses, gloves, and vintage sunglasses with the 4 windows down and the feel of my lovely 59 Buick at my command.  Fun to get the smiles and waives from folks who remember such a site being the norm rather than the exception.

Hope you will include Lana in with all the other beautiful Buicks.  Even us ladies can appreciate such a wonderful automobile.

Great Story, Robyn. Yes, readers, we have requested a picture of Robyn with her car...

Jerry Mullenix send pictures of his LeSabre. He is working on up-dating the charging system among other thing:


Erik Carvotta from Sauquoit, NY shares the following with us:

He writes:

I am very excited that I have found your site. I just recently purchased a 1959 Buick LeSabre and am very excited about it. It is a 4 door sedan, and it is in awesome shape. I got it for $500 dollars but really it is an awesome car. It does need some stuff, but I was wondering if you could put some pictures of the car up on your site. It is ready to go into the process of restoration, but I would love to share my rare find with others.




Thanks Erik for sharing, we look forward to up-dates. Ed.

Tom Liddy's stunning Invicta

Full report here

Andy Argent from Poole Dorset in England sent us the following pictures:

Andy writes: Here is a picture of my 59 Electra , I imported the car from Orlando about 2 years ago needing complete restoration. I have had complete bare metal repaint ,stainless straightened & polished, new radiator new power brake booster & master cylinder which I had to send my unit to the states as no one can repair in UK. The car was rust free with good engine & trans when I bought it. I have nearly finished the interior as it was as if a pack of wolves had ripped it to shreds. 

I think it came out pretty good, don't you think? (Editors note)

Here is Andy's daughter Chantelle showing off a French-sold 4 door flat top that he also owns.  

Thanks Andy, for sharing your beautiful Buicks. Ed.


Matt Mollica from Clinton, Massachusetts, stopped by to show off his LeSabre Flat Top! Matt's dad owns the 1960 John Deere tractor in the back ground.


Rainer Haeusgen from Hilden, Germany stopped by to show of his Electra Flat Top! See full article on this car here.


Gran Eriksson from Sweden stopped by our site to show off his station wagon. 

He writes:

I noticed that you didn't have any pictures of Buick 59 station wagons on your page, World of Buicks, so here are some pictures of my 59 Le Sabre Station Wagon. The car is now sitting in my garage for restoration.
It has lots of extra chrome, dual Nelmore spotlights, and has its original paint. I just ordered fender skirts from USA
that I will have chromed as well.

Cool car, Gran. We want to see more pictures when you are done with your restoration. Ed.


Well, Gran did get the job done. Detailed paint, new white walls, this car is looking very classy!

Thanks for keeping us in the loop!

Richard Koetsier from Calgary, Canada who's 1959 LeSabre project is shown below, added this beauty to his collection. 1959 Invicta Convertible. Red of course. Right On, Richard! 

2tord59.jpg (16335 bytes)

Tord from Ume in very northern Sweden contributed with picture of his '59 LeSabre.

wpe1.jpg (11920 bytes) 

Check out that cool color matched house trailer. An Adria from 1972.

Up-date: Tord has now traded his old house trailer to this SMV-77. Of course, in matching colors. You can see more of Tord's Buick at Tord's Home Page

Ingrid lived in the USA since 1979 but moved back to Sweden recently, close to Vilhelmina. Guess what she brought with her home? A 1959 Buick of course! Her Electra model is quite a ride.

Another Swede cornering the Fin market. You Yankees better wake up, or you will all be driving Geos!! Arne Larsson lives in Vilhelmina, Sweden. He visits with his Electra 2 door Hard Top. Removing the hubcaps is a throwback to early cruiser days. Arne is enjoying the car in it's current condition, but is also collecting parts for future restoration.

 Gary from Michigan has owned this LeSabre Convertible since 1960! He shared these pictures with us. Are these picture great or what? Taken in the mid '60s...

Pic00152.BMP (230454 bytes)

Gary says: "A 401 c.i.d. out of a 63 wildcat, mild cam, balanced, blueprinted, edelbrock dual quad, cherry-bomb dual exhaust, kick ass beautiful cruiser.  I feel like a 18 year old kid again when i nail it at a light"



59 Black and white Buick.JPG (28245 bytes)

Check out what the neighbor across the street is driving: A '59 Buick of course...


Gary started restoring it about three years ago, and he is now very close to completion. As you can see to the left, it has some up-grades...

tom591.jpg (30434 bytes)tom592.jpg (26286 bytes)

Tom Grindell from Kenton, Ohio visited with his LeSabre. 

He sold this car, we hope the new owner will take good care of it.

SPARKY from New Jersey is building the "Worlds Fastest '59 Buick". Any challengers...? Check out those rear meats! We look forward to up-dates on this one...

Ron Smith from Florida just visited. Look what he started with!! Another "fin" car saved for future generations. Great work, Ron!  Ron helped me with some parts too.

Mvc-006s.jpg (43431 bytes)

Mvc-011s.jpg (26436 bytes)

Brian Laurance from Washington state contributed with his Electra 4d HT. Nice honest original car. He also have a Japanese made tin Buick. Made by Suda, about 1/16th scale. Can you believe he found one with not only the same body style, but same color!! I think this guy should buy a lotto ticket!!

heine59.jpg (22847 bytes)

Elvis.JPG (46882 bytes)

Heine from Denmark is proud to display the Delta fins on his '59 Convertible. As you can see, even Heine's Buick is sporting a continental kit. They must have long garages in Scandinavia?

BuickFront1.jpg (10794 bytes)

He decided to do a little resto himself, look what happened:

59models.jpg (26553 bytes)

Heine just left the car for a minute, and look what happened: The car filled up with gorgeous Danish babes!! 

Holy Batmobile, Robin!!

Bat59.jpg (125644 bytes)

Bat592.jpg (244099 bytes)

Cory from Idaho checked in with his Batmobile.

b59rear.jpg (239771 bytes) Bob Illick from Colorado helped me with some parts. He owns this 2d HT, Model 4737. He also owns a 1960 Buick.

Did you notice the lack of pictures from the front of the cars?  We ('59 owners) just can't get enough of those fins.


59al2252.jpg (33898 bytes)

Al Bahlke, the fellow with the license lenses, have also helped with parts for Vilma. He sold this red 225 convertible, and of course he missed it, so he is now restoring the car to the right.

59alcruis.jpg (24105 bytes)



59alb&w.jpg (32016 bytes)

OK, here is a grill shot...

59alresto.jpg (48913 bytes)

Good Luck, Al. We look forward to the finished result.


Richard Koetsier from Calgary, Canada just bought this LeSabre in BC. Here seen is his son Michael, who just decided on '59 ownership.

buick2.gif (134550 bytes)

Richard has dreamed of a 59 since childhood! He is planning a complete restoration. Good Luck, Richard, and keep us posted.


Canada again...Maybe thats where all the '59:s have gone? Mark Leeds check in with his '59 LeSabre from Canada. Looks great!

Ulrik Burstrm from Bjurholm, Sweden, checks in with his '59 Electra 2d Hard Top.

As you can tell, it is in good company flanked by a Cadillac Coupe DeVille '58 and a Fleetwood Brougham from 1966. All this in Sweden. I think there are more collector American cars and convertibles per capita in Sweden than any other country in the world, including USA !!

Ulrik promises installation of continental kit and cruiser skirts before summer.

burst59.jpg (59763 bytes)




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