Welcome to: Finville, USA

"A place where steel sharks are still lurking, flanked by rocket outlets and chrome"



Photo: Heine Hansen, DK

"Battle of the fins" Is this a great shot or what?? More of the 1959 Cadillac below...

Photo: Dick Koch


1960 Plymouth

Photo (and owner)  Jon Radue from Wisconsin, USA



Fins doesn't have to be stock to be enjoyed.

Steve Gould Colorado Springs, CO sent us this picture of this custom truck.

1960 T-bird

Photo: Casey Tarp


1960 Fleetwood in the rain

Photo: Wayne Liles from Asheville N.C.

1961 Cadillac fin aiming for the sky...

Photo: Heine Hansen


Jim from Canada sent us this shot of his 1960 Impala:


Lloyd , Cindy and DamiŽn  from the Netherlands sent us this photo. Thanks!

Photo: Kurt D. Clark, Bellevue WA

Who can forget the unmistakable '57 Chevrolet fins?

Photo: Michael Clay Andersen

1964 Chrysler 300 Convetible

Photo: Gary Baker

tail view

1958 Buick Limited Riviera
Photo: Kris Trexler


1958 Continental Mark III coupe
Photo: Kris Trexler


Plymouth Plaza

1960 Chrysler Imperial 


1960 Ford

The fins on the 1960 Buick became somewhat more sedate than the '59 Delta wings, but they are very classy. This photo came from the owner of this 1960 Buick LeSabre Convertible, Denis Lachapelle from Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

Thanks Denis for contributing.

This 58 Ford Fairlane 500 is looking awesome at this angle.

Photo: Charlie Barone



Very few fin-cars can compete with the rocket outlets and chrome of the '59 Dodge. Is this the ultimate set of fins??








The gull-wing fins of the 1959 Chevrolet has always been a favorite. The fins remained in 1960, but got "broken", with straighter lines, and a "kink" in the middle...









The Cadillac fins got smaller for every year. This 1964 shows what's left. Check out the reflection in the paint, a 1963 Corvette split-window!











This 1959 DeSoto Sportsman are sporting some aggressive fins.








58 Buick offered some very massive fins, as on this Century.









This 1957 Olds remind you how much the designers were inspired by space design.








Ok, these are rather modest fins for the late 1950's...However, this 1959 Lincoln convertible is sporting a very massive rear treatment, with acres of chrome.








The 59 Cadillac is probably the most recognized fins in the world. And yes, they are still cool!






The 1959 Buick fins were called "Delta Wings", as shown on this Electra, in a rare rose color.





In 1960, Cadillac have toned down the rear treatment, showing more refined lines. Many folks thinks the '60 Cadillac is a better looking car than the '59...




In 1961 Chevrolet had toned down their fin treatment, but we still think this is a classy rear treatment...